Eddie Jackson was born in Scotch Plains, NJ, his mother a percussionist and his father a salesman. Love of music and people dominated his young years and Eddie grew up learning flams and paradiddles, alongside cars and curveballs. Off to Boston to Berklee College of Music, Eddie learned in the classroom, but the most valuable lessons were taught by his friends and collaborators. Over the four years, he performed, recorded, produced, and mixed every album he could get his hands on.

These experiences were the foundation for his flexibility and on-the-spot ingenuity, skills he used during his internship at Sony Music Studios and his two years of employment at Avatar Studios in New York City. At these renowned studios, there was absolutely no room for oversights, mistakes, or hesitations. Eddie thrived in this environment, honing his ear and his techniques to adapt to the fast pace of the elite. Eddie’s talent and work ethic attracted the interest of the producers and artists he was working with. A few prominent projects turned into a steady stream of independent work, both producing and engineering, and Eddie made the decision to go it on his own.

Eddie lives in Los Angeles, works out of a full studio facility in Beverly Hills (pictured above) and also a smaller studio in his home in Hermosa Beach, but is always on the go, working in studios with artists all around the world. He is known in the industry for his incomparable work ethic, laid-back personality, flexibility, musicality, immaculate accuracy, artistic judgment and unmistakable quality.