Awards & Nominations

Grammy Awards 2009

James Taylor- “Covers” Best Male Pop Vocal Perfomance Nomination

TEC Awards 2010

James Taylor- “Covers”- Record Production/Album Nomination

TEC Awards 2009

James Taylor- “One Man Band”- TV Sound Production Nomination
James Taylor- “Witchita Lineman”- Record Production/Single Nomination

Independent Music Awards 2014

Morgan Karr- “Fall Blind”- Vox Populi Pop Category Winner

Independent Music Awards 2013

Martin Rivas- “Your Heart Will Be Broken Again”- Best Adult Contemporary Song Winner

Independent Music Awards 2011

Alex Berger- “Snow Globe”- Best Story Song Winner
Alex Berger- “Snow Globe”- Voc/Pop Peoples Voice Winner

Independent Music Awards 2010

Vienna Teng- “Inland Territory”- Best Folk/Singer Songwriter Album Nomination

Recent & Future Releases

Hundred Handed- Like It’s Saturday EP (Hundred Handed)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Hundred Handed- Love Me Like The Weekend (Single) (Hundred Handed)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Hundred Handed featuring Kato & The Ellis Alice- Doctor (Single) (Hundred Handed)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer
The Golden Hippie- Flowers on the Sun (Hundred Handed)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Badflower- Soap (Hundred Handed)
Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Past Credits

Megan Slankard- Running on Machinery | Mixer, Mastering Engineer
Mariana Bell- Gypsy Caravan, Avalanche | Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer
Nahko & Medicine for the People- ??? (Live) | Mixer
Jonny Blaze- ??? | Mixer
Stars in Stereo- Leave Your Mark (Hundred Handed) | Producer, Engineer, Mixer
The Cringe- Live @ Abbey Road | Mixer
The Cringe- Live @ Brixton Academy | Mixer
Ariana Hall- Not Just Anyone | Mastering Engineer
A City on a Lake (Alex Wong) | Vocal Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Annie Dingwall- Shadow Watch (EP) | Engineer, Mixer
Morgan Karr- Yellow Skies EP | Mixer
Bellows- More | Mixer
Marc M. Cogman- Albatross | Engineer
Jay Chu- Change EP | Co-Mixer, Mastering Engineer
Roto’s Magic Act- Into the Unknown | Mixer
Emily Forst- Here We Go | Engineer, Mixer
Martin Rivas- Reliquary | Mixer
Paul Freeman- Throwing Stones | Engineer, Mixer
Matthew Puckett- All Our Hands in the Air | Mixer
Camera Can’t Lie- Not Everyone Leaves (Atlantic) | Engineer
Camera Can’t Lie- Days and Days (Atlantic) | Engineer
City (Comma) State- Shady Lane | Engineer, Mixer
Delta Rae- Carry the Fire (Warner Brothers) | Engineer, Mixer
Manika- The Middle of Hollywood EP (Sony Red) | Drums, Engineer, Mixer
Marc M. Cogman- Anthems | Mastering Engineer
Gavin DeGraw- Sweeter (Sony) | Engineer
Melissa Ferrick- Still Right Here (Mpress)| Mixer
Mariana Bell- Book | Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Mark DeRose & the Way Home | Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Atomic Tom – Don’t You Want Me (Take Me Home Tonight Soundtrack) (Universal Republic) | Engineer, Mixer
Bridgit Mendler – Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Theme Song | Mixer
Ari Hest – Sunset Over Hope Street (Downtown Records) | Mixer
Killer Tracks- Catalog
Select Tracks- Catalog
Marc M. Cogman- Beneath a Balcony | Engineer, Mixer
The Crash Motive – Consequence (Wind Up) | Engineer
Vienna Teng & Alex Wong – The Moment Always Vanishing (Rounder Records) | Mixer
The Animators – How We Fight | Mixer
Alex Berger – Snow Globe  |  Mixer
Screwed Movie Soundtrack | Mixer
Kuba Ka- Combat (EP) | Engineer, Mixer
Megan Burtt – It Ain’t Love  |  Producer/Engineer/Mixer
James Taylor – Covers  (Hear Music)  |  Engineer
James Taylor – One Man Band (Hear Music)  |  Engineer
Jeremy Riddle – The Now and Not Yet (Varietal Records)  |  Engineer, Mixer
The Paper Raincoat – The Paper Raincoat | Mixer
Mariana Bell – Book | Mixer
Patti Scialfa – Play It as It Lays (Columbia)  |  Engineer
Borne – Borne | Engineer
Joe Colledge- Out of The Blue | Mixer
Shaiums – The Sad Thing Is, We Like it Here | Drum Engineer
Allison Iraheta – Just Like You (RCA/Jive, 19 Entertainment)  |  Engineer
Vanessa Amorosi – Somewhere in the Real World (Universal Australia)  |  Engineer
Yo-Yo Ma – Yo-Yo Ma & Friends: Songs of Joy & Peace [CD/DVD]  (Sony/BMG)  |  Engineer
Vienna Teng – Inland Territory (Rounder)  |  Engineer, Mixer
Jeremy Camp – Beyond Measure  (BEC/Tooth and Nail Records)  |  Drums, Engineer
Guster – Ganging Up on the Sun (Warner Brothers)  |  Engineer
Willie Nelson – Songbird  (Lost Highway)  |  Engineer
Justin King and the Apologies – (Epic)  |  Engineer
Joshua Redman Trio – Back East (Nonesuch) | Engineer
Blonde Redhead – 23  |  Editing

Past Projects for Future Release

Future Thieves | Engineer, Mixer
Aika | Mixer
Dalton Cyr | Engineer, Mixer
Weapons of Audio | Engineer, Mixer
Rita Wilson | Engineer
Spy Empire | Engineer
Paul Freeman | Engineer, Mixer
Tina Parol (Universal Motown) | Engineer
The Sequel | Engineer, Mixer
Fast Forward Romance | Mixer

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